Every Girls Dream, Inc.
At Every Girls Dream "EGD", our mission is to provide a beautiful wedding gown to brides undergoing financial hardship in the Southeast Michigan area. We have a variety of gorgeous gowns in every size and style. Through the generous donations of community partners we're working to make every girls dream come true. Our goal is to provide a free wedding gown that matches each brides personal style. All donations are tax deductible under section
501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code

                                                                                                         Special Thanks!

EGD wants to thank all private donors across the country as well as bridal shops for their continued support in our ongoing mission to make Every Girls Dream come true.

EGD Board!

Sue said...............I would love to donate to your non-profit. Thanks Sue for the donation of 15 beautiful wedding gowns from your bridal boutique.
Sherry said..............I saw your ad in the March edition of the Women's life Style magizine and I cut it out. I have 24 wedding gowns to donate to your organization. I think this is a beautiful thing that you are doing.
Deshawn wrote..............Hello! I have two plus size wedding gowns that have been altered for me and not sent to the cleaners. I have stored them in a plastic bag. One stored over 10 years ago. the other gown is from my recent April 09 wedding. Both very beautiful with lots of pearls and sequins; they are not heavily stained or torn. I found your non-profit organization doing a Google search and thought I'd give you a try.
Laura wrote........Your organization was exactly
what I was looking for. How do I get the dress to you?
Claudia wrote............Hi! I saw your ad on Craigslist and have a few plus size dresses
that would be suitable for mothers of the bride. Please let me know if these are something you'd be interested in.
Kim wrote........I have a beautiful 5,000 dollar wedding dress I'm willing to donate to someone truly in need. I just have
to look where I shored it here at home. Please email me back if you are interested. It is my dress when I were marred in 2000 but I'm now
divorced and have no need for it. I would truly like to help someone in need and if they are going to use it , not resell it
Vertical Vic's said.........................................We have some blinds that we can donate for your windows, how many do you need? Located in Mount Clemens Michigan.

Dee Macy said...................................We remodeled our construction business and would love to donate office furniture. We have new like office chairs, pictures, gold office supplies, table and much more. I hope that this will help! Dee Macy manages CAM Construction Association Of Michigan in Clinton Township.  Thank You Jan
Prince, Dee Macy, Judy Singer, Jonie Hill for the gorgeous office furniture as well as dress donations.

Charlene wrote..........What a great idea! I have a size 4 wedding gown from David's Bridal. 2-piece, strapless, beaded bodice with a long flowing train. Simple but elegant! I'm delighted to think that some other young woman who couldn't afford a special dress otherwise may benefit from that persons generosity.
Lauren wrote............I have a beautiful wedding gown you're welcome to have. I looked at your website and I think you have such a good idea to help women make their wedding day special. Also, I noticed there is a tax write off for this, what do I do for that?
Tina wrote............Your organization sounds wonderful! I have another wedding dress and two lace covered prom or bridesmaid dresses. I would love for the dresses to get good use. God Bless!

Carol said..............................I have 48 formal wear, 2 wedding gowns that I would love to donate to you. They come from a business that we no longer have. I hope that you can use them.
Cylenthia  said..........................................I have some beautiful formal wear about 8 dresses. Would you be interested in them?
Laura wrote..............I have a beautiful ivory size 4 petite wedding gown worn in 1984 (cleaned and well preserved) along with the hat with veil, lace gloves and garter.  
Tina wrote.....
............I have a velvet blue bridesmaids dress that I wore in my brothers wedding last summer, Size 22
Stacey wrote...................I have a dress, shoes and a shrug. The dress is size 12
Kristen wrote..............I would like to donate a wedding gown and a bridesmaid dress. Please let me know how to go about this. Thanks!

Special Thanks to E-conolight for their generous donation of flood led lights for the outside of our building. Thank You!

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                                     *Please remember that all donation will receive a printable tax receipt*

Darlene Richards at her wedding dress warehouse in Troy. Richards has started the non-profit "Every Girls Dream" to provide wedding dresses to low income brides. You can read more on this story on the link below. The Oakland Press/TIM THOMPSON

Darlene Richards, Director of Every Girls Dream,  holds a gown that's available for free to a qualified bride. 
Non-profit matches gowns with brides to be in need.  Please read the story at the link below.
The Advisor Source by DEBRA KASZUBSKI

Thanks to Fox 2 news Oct. 6, 2010 for believing in us and having us on their morning show and to our beautiful model Shakyla.

Thanks to channel 4 news for coming out to our Troy office  Sept. 31, 2010.
Thanks for believing in our mission to help every girls dream come true.
Thanks to our beautiful models; Shamiah, Brandon, and Shakyla.

  Thank you to all that came out to our Grand Opening of our newly renovated building.
 With happy hearts we welcome our qualifying brides to be to get your applications in to
 receive a FREE wedding gown for your special day. We also have a full evening wear line
 for all your special occasion needs!
Sincerely Yours

Mrs. Brown wrote:

Dear Every Girls Dream, Inc.

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing with your non-profit organization. I hope that many young ladies are able to benefit from all of your efforts. Every bride is special and it's exciting that you are helping her fulfill her DREAM wedding. May God richly bless you and your families, and bless those who bless you.

Besides offering a wonderful service that is needed, you are encouraging young people to do things "the right way" by getting married. Although traditional marriage is becoming increasingly rare, a good solid marriage is the cornerstone of a solid family unit.  Which leads to children who are secure, neighborhoods and communities that thrive, and a nation that prospers.  So to your volunteers, we say "keep up the great work!" because you're making a huge impact with your work, both today and tomorrow.

When young brides and grooms have a formal wedding ceremony, and an enjoyable celebration with their families, they create many happy memories.  Even when times get tough, the photos will always remind the husband and wife of that wonderful day, and how much they treasure each other. A formal wedding helps to cement the commitment they made to each other, to God, and to their families.

My hope and prayer is that a lovely young lady will get to wear this donated wedding gown for her special day, and have a beautiful wedding with many happy memories - and of course, the marriage of a lifetime!


Mrs. Brown

Courtney  wrote............Darlene after my wedding, I looked high and low for a place to donate my wedding dresses. I was privileged enough to feel like a princess on my wedding day, and I wanted to share that feeling with someone who didn't have the same opportunity. There was no where in the Houston area for such a donation. All of the wedding dress donation sevices will resell the dress and use the money. While I totally respect those charities, it was never my intention that some bargain shopper get a good deal and a charity get a fraction of the value of the dresses. I wanted these dresses to be donated to a BRIDE, and I reached out through my friends and family to find a place that would do exactly what your organization does. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share!

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